How ,writing a blog, has evolved a better of me.

Blogging has given me a platform, where I can be just Myself!


Yes, definitely, writing a blog has evolved me in many ways. Today, I’m a much more confident person who admits all flaws in my stride.

It has been just more than 2 years since I have started writing down my thoughts and published them in the form of blog articles.



gives satisfaction to pen down



When I started this journey, I was not in a happy phase. Though, there were no issues(it used to look like that) but now when I look back I realize that I was not happy or I can say that I was going through a mild depression. Yes. Slowly, I started putting down my thoughts on whatever topics I liked . One day, it was on parenting and the other day it was on the relationships. It depended on my mood on that particular day.

As I was also facing lifestyle diseases like hypertension,  I started gathering information on those topics as well. and then started sharing that information on my blog . It turned out that soon writing filled up the void inside me, I started liking it. Further, when I started getting good comments and likes from my fellow, I showed more interest. It was quite surprising and wonderful for me. So what inspires me to blog even more than my own self-trickery is really just the ability for me to be myself in a much more evolved manner. I started liking my thought like never before.

While walking on this path, I started reading more writers and got to know what other like me think. I got rid of the constant GUILT that hovers me whenever I used to do something for myself only. In our society, if you are giving priority to yourself upon your kids, husband or family then you are a bad woman. Though, things are changing now but what about our own mind which is wired like that since childhood.

My inspirations

I got this inspiration from many things be it my kids, husband, good life, surroundings or just simple readings. I really get motivated to pen down something when I’m hurt or under stress. Miraculously, it work for me like a therapy, all my stress and tension get relived. Though, I usually take a long time to complete a post, but still I feel fresh after that.

What has changed inside me post-blogging

Definitely, I feel a lot of changes inside me. Now, I’m more empathetic towards  myself as well and aware of the importance of self-love. In this journey, I have learned many things about myself.  I don’t take any kind of BURDEN on myself. I easily say NO if I don’t want to say YES. A major transformation has been to become more comfortable in my own skin, in my thoughts, with my looks and everything about myself. My blog is a great way to challenge myself to keep pushing through my comfort zone so I can have as little difference between my internal and external selves.



All in all, blogging has been a wonderful journey for me so far and I’m still learning , evolving every day.








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