Slow down Honey! Take a closer look at the life.

The other side of the rainbow.

A new hope


Lately, I’m finding myself too busy with the work. Though, I enjoy doing what I do but still sometimes I feel that it is like a grind where I’m just running with it day and night. We don’t enjoy doing the tasks and just concentrate on finishing it. Everything has become a chore whether it is cooking food, or teaching the kids or buying vegetables.

We are always busy in something or the other. The moment we wake up in the morning till we go to the bed in the night, we are too busy in doing things. We are not even paying attention to what we are doing and why. Many times, I heard my friends saying that they are so busy that they feel that 24 hours are not enough for them.

Where is the fun quotient. Here, I’m not talking about the FUN, I’m talking about the real fun which we enjoy doing the small things. When we appreciate everything and enjoy even the minute details in the life then it becomes fun.

There was a time when I used to enjoy every bit of task, in my Childhood. Even listening to an old aunt would used to give me pleasure. But now, I don’t have much time to sit even with my mother and listen to her. It is just that I’m fulfilling her needs and I’m done.

In this fast-moving lifestyle we are just running after achievements and success; the driving force is comparison. We compare ourselves with the friends or near ones and then we also want to have the same life. Honey, don’t forget that everyone’s journey is different. Everyone has started life from a different level and the destination is not same either.




Feel the peace.

Feel the peace.

Feeling the fresh morning cold breeze, walking under a bright sun, Watching the sunset, seeing your kids playing in the park or your parents relaxing. Listen to the silence of the nature, it is so rejuvenating. How it feels when you help someone needy on the street. It all gives pleasure. Life is hard, but a life in which happiness is possible in doing small things is beautiful. It brings smile to you.

But, for that you need to slow down and take a closer look at the life. One can do small changes to live the life to the fullest. It is very important to take out time for yourself and do the things which you enjoy. It can be anything from reading a book, nurturing a plant, learning a new skill. The point is to take out time for yourself. Spend money on the experiences and not on the possessions.

Experience need not to be an expensive affair.


Allow yourself to be happy and do not miss any opportunity to be happy ; feel the inner peace. It is easy to move on to the next milestone after achieving one without acknowledging or appreciating. Take out some time to enjoy your achievement and do not involve in the rat race.

Life is not a race, you need to slow down and appreciate the everything. After all, Life’s journey is the destination itself.



Very well said by an unknown poet:

Life is good;

small things make me smile;

Good people make me laugh;

and an amazing God keeps me blessed.




  1. Yeah everyday we have a list of works, even eating, driving, Sleeping too comes in that, haha yes, when i sleep, i think about next day morning work. Whattt, yeah i am not even enjoying my sleeping time. Which was my favorite few years back.
    Many times i feel, i am just running, running and running. In every few months, i think about it and start going slow and try to enjoy, what i am doing but after 1-2 days, i found myself again in same blind running session.

    Remember the song – “dauda dauda bhaaga bhaaga sa, Waqt ke saath hain thoda thoda sa” Lol, I feel same everyday. I am running and trying to run faster but still i am far behind…..

    Thanks Aaradhna to share this, Today i am again thinking to slow down again……

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