This shall pass too , Honey. Be patient.

Need to face the problems instead of avoiding them.

Need to face the problems instead of avoiding them.

One of my friend who is struggling a lot with her  problems reminds me  the younger version of me. Her mother got expired after a long journey of cancer treatment, her husband has lost his job due to recent market recession and she has also put on the Hypertension medication. She’s too depressed and feel that this phase is permanent and never-ending. Her constant worry is making her sick.

After reaching my mid-life, one thing I can say for sure, problems are not  something to avoid but you have to see them directly into the eyes.   Nothing is permanent, I may sound like a preacher, but this is the truth.

I remember I was a care-free child yet getting good marks and achieved good education. Then after marriage and having kids, there was a time when I used to feel depressed on small things like if the kids are not well. Silly things used to give me tension and depression. Though, I am a positive thinker , still I used to get lot of negative thoughts. Moreover I used to feel frustrated, angry and fearful.

It is just a few years back, I got a hold of myself and decided not to worry too much. Instead of lingering over the problems all the time, I formulated a way to handle this. Just keep aside some time to think over the problem and once that time gets over, stop thinking about the problem rather start analysing the solutions. If something is not in your control, no worries. And if something is in your control, definitely no worries. This will make your life easy as the problems are never-ending.

You should have confidence in yourself and at the same time be flexible, being too rigid in any situation is your own loss. The most important thing is to have a good meaningful life. If you feel that you are surrounded by too many problems at the same time, like my friend, it’s better to handle them one-by-one instead of finding solution for all of them at once. Never loose yourself and your values amid the problems .

Need not to worry


The best way to become prepared and ready with problems is to accept that it is part of life. Accept problems as part of the imperfections that makes life more meaningful and worth living for. We don’t grow when things are easy rather take lessons from the problems. In every problem that arises in your life, strive to learn the lesson and carry them as you move forward in life. Remember, it’s better to carry the lessons learned rather than the grudges and most important keep smiling.

well said by Bernard Williams:

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.






  1. Well written article. Nothing is permanent. But that is where we all fail. We need to make a conscious effort to understand the fact.

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