Oh yes, it seems to be the most imortant task for a housewife .

A housewife fits in all roles

A not well-paid job



In olden days, the housewives supposed to take care of the house well. Ok, It is still valid , I’m not denying that.

My mom used to wash the clothes everyday with her beloved wooden bat. One thing I can never forget as a child, she used to wake us up early in the morning so that we can take an early bath and then she could wash the clothes. I still never understood the fact that why she used to enjoy washing of the clothes more than any other task. Anyways, this is the not the topic which I’m going to discuss today. fast forward, I don’t wash clothes . No, no we wear clean clothes only everyday. But, I have a washing machine at home, it does the work.

I don’t do any other chore as I have a part-time maid to accomplish those things. So, what do I do. I have a bigger task to do. I attend the courier guys, Yes! With so many online sites to do your shopping and top of it they provide you an easy-exchange policy, my family is a big fan of online -shopping.

It is catering to all our needs from grocery, clothes, gadgets, shoes and what not. It is easy to order. You go to the online store from the cosy comfort of your bedroom, you can choose and order whatever you want. The payment is also easy like COD- cash on payment with good return policy.

so, what is my problem. As I mentioned , this is the most important thing which I do as a part of being a housewife. More than half of the time when my door bell rings , it is the courier guy. Moreover, before he knocks on my main door, every time I get two calls from the security guys.

Anyways, when I complain to my husband and daughter, they explain me, at least it is much better than going to a mall, park the car and waste 2 hours for shopping a single item. See, how many things we can accomplish in those 3 hours. But, I miss that yaar !  I want to go to the mall, park the damn car, and waste 3 hours. Because, that way I used to get some time outside with my family. It’s not that we don’t go out now at all. but, it’s just that now we don’t have a reason to go out so often as whatever we need is at our doorstep.


Anyways, as everything has its own plus and minus, I guess, online shopping has both.

Is there anyone else , who thinks the same way as I do!


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