Headaches:use this guide to pinpoint the kind you’ve got.

Everyone of us go through Headaches once in a month or often. The reason could be numerous but it interferes with work and day-today life. It is better to pinpoint the pain and figure out the causes; try to eliminate the causes so that you can have a reduced or no headaches at all. There are several types of headaches, in fact, 150 diagnostic headache categories have been established.

But, here we will go through the most common ones:



Tension headache : If the main is simple and not much sever.

This is the most common type, often seen in the adults and teens. Could be because of anxiety, stress or low sugar.These muscle contraction headaches cause mild to moderate pain and come and go over a prolonged period of time. The best way to avoid such pain is to keep  stress at bay and follow a good diet; this much should take care of it.

Cluster Headache : If you are in too much pain but the worst part is over in 20 minutes or less . 

Though these attacks are rare, but very painful to go through. A typical cluster comes late at night and feels like someone is hammering into your head. It is so painful that the sufferer can not sit and will often pace during a pain. Usually, lying down exaggerates the pain, so walk around. If pain persists for few hours, go to a doctor, a pain-reliever injection might help.Clusters can peak when your internal clock is not in sync. Find out the triggers and avoid them completely.

MIGRAINE: If you have sever pain but not very often in a month

Attacks cause throbbing pain and are often accompanied by blurred vision, feel like vomiting. If lying down in a dark quiet place eases out the pain, do that. The exact causes of migraines are unknown. A popular theory is that various triggers cause abnormal brain activity, which in turn causes changes in the blood vessels in the brain. Migraines are associated with symptoms such as sensitivity to light, noise, or odors; nausea or vomiting; loss of appetite; and stomach upset or abdominal pain. Migraines are trigger generated headaches, identify the triggers and avoid them. You can keep a journal to figure out what causes or trigger the pain. If more than 2 times in a month, should consult a doctor.

Chronic Migraine : Too much pain and more than 15 days in a month 

These are the worst in the lot and comes back very often in a month.If the measures and medications taken for regular migraine does not eases it out for three regular months then discuss other alternatives with your doctor. Like Botox has been shown to decrease the frequency of the migraine  given at targets nerves.

Sinus Headache : If the pain is mainly in front area

These headaches are usually caused by an infection and inflammation of the nasal passages. That leads to congestion and that causes pain and pressure in the forehead and behind the cheekbones. To conquer this pain, you need to go on medications like decongestant, pain reliever and sometimes steroids.


No matter what type of pain you are going through, you need to address it properly.

Your doctor may recommend different types of treatment to try and you should establish a reasonable time frame with your doctor to evaluate your headache symptoms.

The proper treatment will depend on several factors, including the type and frequency of the headache and its cause. Not all headaches require medical attention. In few cases, you may have to just change your lifestyle.

It is your life, live a pain-free .










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