Oh, I’m getting back my Fitbit again and so to my Walk Routine.


I am a big health freak and so a regular morning walker. There is hardly any morning when I miss my walk. Oh yes, I don’t go on those days  when my six-year old son is really sick. The experts say that the best way to keep away the heart disease and heart attack, it is best to acquire a walk routine.



To help me count my steps, I asked my husband to buy me a FITBIT. Yes, the walker’s ultimate buddy.

Olah, I got a brand new FITBIT after 3 days .

Now, the very same day I sync’d it up with my iPhone and started counting my steps, the distance, my calories, the floors, everything which it could monitor .


Gradually, I started enjoying my walk routine more with the fitbit. I used to try to achieve the goal and actually by the end of the day I started completing the task. And then, I increased the target goal from 10K to 12K and then to 15K steps.  I was actually able  to achieve it. It keeps me motivating and moving. The lazy afternoon naps started turning into powerful walks around the house ; five minutes after dinner walk became twenty minutes walk routine. I used to make sure that I achieve my target before I retire for the day and then it starts all over again the next day.


Oh, I was enjoying my new toy so much… and then One day while walking , it fell off from my hand. I immediately realise it and picked it up again. After that, it happened couple of times more but luckily every time I got it back.

One week ago, when I went to pick up the kids from the school, during the hustle and bustle of picking up the tired kids, I lost it somewhere in the school. I realized it the moment I sat back in the car. I asked my son to come with me to find it in the school. Though, it was really hot outside the car and he was tired but when he got to know that I misplaced my FITBIT somewhere in the school or near it, he agreed to come with me.

I searched for it everywhere in the school, asked the gate guards, also asked the parking guy but no one had seen it. I was so disappointed that I kept on thinking where did I drop it. Even after coming back to home, as soon as I got free after serving lunch to the kids, I kept on thinking about it. I even called back to the school reception, in case someone found it and submitted at the reception , but no success.


Then an idea came in my mind, I knew that no warranty covers for lost/stolen product but since it was just a month old, I sent an email to the FITBIT team. I told them the whole story and asked them if I can get another one. Though, the email’s response time is 2 to 3 days and I prayed from the God they at least respond to this.

vola!, I got an email from the FITBIT team after few hours only and they asked for a purchase proof and my shipping address details. Oh my God! Actually, they were ready to replace me a new FITBIT. I immediately sent them all the details and waited for there response. Next day, I got an answer from them telling me that they stopped manufacturing the version which I bought but will send me the latest one. I was so happy.

Now, I’m waiting for my FITBIT to reach me as shipping would take 7 to 10 days.

Can’t wait to start my walk routine with my FITBIT.




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