Gear up for the festive season with exclusivity

festival is the time to enjoy, celebrate and share your happiness with your dear and near ones by sharing Gifts.


Monsoon is here… and so the festive season is around the corner. This is  my favorite time of the year as the festivity is in the air and it uplifts the mood. You get a lot of gifts and also present it to the others. So, shopping is a must whether it is for you or  for your near and dear ones.

Online shopping has made it easy to shop (Exclusive lane) and you don’t have to do a mad rush to the over-crowded shopping malls. At the comfort of your home or office, you can check out thousands of products and buy easily with so many payment options.

Below are the five items which are my favourite (though there are many more) this seaon and sharing with you. These are good as a gift to your sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, or to someone dear on the occasion of Deepawali or you can keep it by yourself.


Light and lamp

Handpainted Meditating Buddha made by canvas

Meditating Buddha lamp made by canvas

This Buddha lamp is a must buy item ideal for any home decor. It is 17 inches tall and 7.6 by 7.6 inches w/b. The painting of Buddha on the lamp is definitely an eye-catcher and spreads spirituality. Anyone who is fond of exclusive decor item would like to buy it.The addition of green and white flowers enhances the beauty of the lamp. The base color is brown and lamp color shade is dark orange. Since it is a floor lamp, it does not require any corner table. It can become the oomph factor in your decor. It is an infusion of modernization with a traditional one . I would definitely recommend it.


bidriwork ducks

Bidriart Duck set of 2 with silver inlay

Bidriware Duck set of 2 with silver inlay

This beautiful duo Set of Duck is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and art.It is made from copper and zinc alloy with precise silver inlay working and the art showcases intertwined flowing lines of silver depicting patterns of leaves, flowers,  or natural figures. This is good for drawing room ,bedroom or even for the office. Bidriwork is an ancient art formulated in 14th centuary. Though, this art is a rare and expensive one but definitely a keep sake as the life is more than 100 years.Ideal as a gift on festive occasion, marriages or for yourself.




Dhokra work and warli handpainted- Horizontal or vertical wall decor

This is a Dhokra artwork native of jharkhand,  basically a brass-work (Metal Craft) done by the Malhore castes of the state. The motifs used are generally taken from the nature like elephants, Turtles, etc are made at large in Dhokra craft. The images of various deities are also crafted by the artisans of the state. After that, it is fixed in frame of warli art, paintingworkdone by Maharashtra tribals. So, this piece is unique in itself as a combination of two ancient artwork, very rare to get. With a golden look and a orange-red frame, it will definitely enhances the beautification of your home decor. It is a must keep for artlovers.





Elephant Trunk wooden Wine holder

This is a unique wooden wine case with an elephant trunk on the front. The wine box gives a quaint charm with it’s classy red and black combination and a black elephant is carved out on the front of the box which will fetch you a lot of compliments for sure. This is a nice gift for your friends or can flaunt it to your friends in a party at home. It is a must-buy for wine lovers as it would add more style and oomph to their wine closet.



Tribal jute handle tea cattle

This Red hand painted tea kettle would serve dual purpose in your kitchen. Definitely your friends and guest would like to have one like this. It will enhances the decor of your table as well. This is a distinctive piece in itself and a great combination of art,comfort and usability. The jute handle will save your hand . Grab one today for yourself or as a gift to someone.


So, I have already finalized my shopping list this season, what about you.


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