Essential beauty tips for all ages-20s,30s,40s,50s

A well-maintained skincare routine is one of life’s GREAT successes.


adopt a good skin care regime

Keep the skin clean and moisturized to get the max results


If not all, but most of us will agree with the fact that the beauty is god-gifted , but to maintain it through all the ages is our duty. Each decade brings its own beauty challenges and create a havoc on our precious gift, the skin. Though, it is easy to include a skincare regime in our day-today life but we are too busy for that.”It’s possible to have vibrant skin at any age, as long as you take steps to properly care for your skin,” said board-certified dermatologist Bethanee J. Schlosser, MD, PhD, FAAD, assistant professor of dermatology and director of Women’s Skin Health at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

Let us go through few easy tips which you can follow right from your 20s to 50s.


In your 20s : Listen young girls, this is the most important and beautiful phase of your life as your skin is young and supple.Whatever damages like extensive exposure to UV sunlight, no moisturizer, bad food habits , smoking , etc you are doing to your skin won’t start showing up yet.

Inculcate good Skincare Habits at this age, it will definitely pay off later.

  • In our 20s, as the hormones are still not compltely settled down, so fighting acne is the biggest problem. So, the basic routing in this age should be ‘keep the skin clean’, this would do most of the job. Cleanse the skin every night to remove the dirt and makeup, apply a suitable moisturizer after that. And no matter what, but do not pick at blemishes.
  • A study published in the US-based survey that only 25% of the teenagers wear sunscreen regularly. Regular sunscreen protects against wrinkling , spotting and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to UV rays.
  • When people consumed a diet of protein , fruits and veggies they had fewer breakouts. Eat sprouts, dal, nuts and drink buttermilk, four days  a week, as these foods have a rich protein content in them.


In your 30s and 40s : Even if you’ve taken good care of your skin, you’ll probably start noticing fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth, says Susan Taylor, MD, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Columbia University.

Be proactive

  • Start the day with a glass of hot water, few drops of lemon juice to drive the system’s  alkaline.This helps flush out skin-dulling impurities.
  • Start using a serum rich in antioxidants. It slows down and prevent the effect of free radicals.
  • Dermatologist also recommend using a night cream containing a retinoid.  It has been known to plump wrinkles and kick-start the release of collagen in the skin.
  • Exfoliation twice in a week may also work well on the dead cells and rejuvenate the skin.Though, avoid harsh scrubs.

In your 40s and 50s : All the experiments that you have done with your young skin in your 20s will start showing up in these decades.You’re beginning to see cumulative sun damage in the form of blotchiness, red spots, and ruddiness. You’re also losing more collagen and elasticity, and your skin retains less moisture.

Hydreate as much as you can

  • Take showers using lukewarm instead of very hot water, because hot water removes the natural protective lipids on our skin and dries it out.Also, pot for fragrance-free soaps which are less irritating to ageing skin.
  • Start regular omega-3 fish oil supplements , which contains eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA) that regulates oil production, boosts hydration and prevents adult acne.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Moisturizer is important for all age groups, so do not skip it and invest in a good one.
  • The Key is to stick to a good basic skin care regime like cleansing, toning and moisturizing .


Other than this, choose your skin product according to your skin type.Try not to touch your skin every now and then. Stay away from the stress and hit your pillow on time in the night. Try to include good exercise and diet plan in your daily routine. This should be sufficient for a shiny and healthy skin.


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