Do you pamper your mind and soul as well…

Yesterday I had an appointment with my spa where I go on a regular basis to pamper myself. I always feel relaxed after coming back from there. This time also, I came back home with a relaxed body and MIND.

Really, was I relaxed completely. No, my mind was not relaxed at all, it was still dwelling upon the tensions and worries of the life. Then what should I do to relax my mind. Do I need to pamper my mind and Soul as well.Yes, this is the answer. I need to Pamper my mind and soul, only then I can feel relaxed completely. In today’s hectic schedule of our life, it is more required now than ever before.



Complete relaxation of mind, body and soul

Complete relaxation of mind, body and soul

Have you ever tried meditation? A mind feels relaxed and pamper as well with Meditation. It is a state of deep peace when mind is calm and silent. This is also known as ‘YogNindra’. One can not attain this state of mind immediately as it needs lot of practice with the mind but once you master it, even a single ten minute session can give you peace.Start with small sessions and increase your time as you go deeper and deeper in the calm state.

Have you touched or helped someone today? We all are ‘Human Beings’ and our basic nature is kind . We feel satisfied and joyous when we help someone who is in need. Help can be in any form like feeding food to a hungry person,educating a poor child, supporting an old person etc. Sometimes, even listening to an emotionally distressed person is a help. Try to do this once in a while and you will feel the storm and tension inside you is also settling down.If you look around, you will find many big personalities who left their high profile jobs and now doing full time NGO work.

Try to Feel the spirituality! Our soul and mind are hungry for good thoughts.Read/listen to good and motivating subjects. Eliminate negativity and try to keep yourself positive. Though, it is not possible to be positive always but don’t let negativity set-in your mind for a longer period.

Most important, try to keep yourself happy and don’t be affected too much with small issues in the life.

Very well said by B.K.S. Iyengar

The Rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of the life.



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