Still Miss you….

If you could bring back someone from the other side of the rainbow bridge for just one day, would you do that?”

After reading this line I thought , thought and thought a lot about it.

And finally after some time I had this realization, let us assume (of course hypothetically)that if I get this offer , would I avail it.

Yes, OF COURSE. I’ll go for it.I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

No matter how advanced human breed become, there are still so many  things which are beyond our limits and  the ultimate power has kept it to HIM. Death, is just one of them. Yes, we are still not able to ditch the death of our near and dear ones. The most ironical part is most of the time we don’t even know when will it come otherwise we could prepare ourselves in advance to welcome it.(you can’t ditch it, so better welcome it)



Still missyou ... Daddy

What a bond – daughter Father

My beloved father’s death was like that only. My mother, who never used to leave him even for a single day, had gone to my aunt’s place for couple of days. He insisted to come along with her but this time she wanted to spend some time without him. But, it seems he was so used to of her that even talking to her for twice a day, he kept asking about her.

I still remember that, on the second day when I talked to him over the phone, he was in a very bad mood. He didn’t continue the call after a couple of minutes. He wanted the mom to come back as soon as possible though she was hours away from him. He was not sounding good. I spoke to my brother and he said he had not eaten anything since morning. After that, I also forgot about it and got busy in my routine work.Now, I feel that he must have sensed his calling from the GOD. That’s why he wanted mom so badly. But, we ignored him thinking that he’s getting bored without her.

And the very next morning, when I was dropping the kids to the school, I got a phone call. It was from my brother and he told me that papa is no more. The hell broke upone me. I could have talked to him a day before for a longer period.

We love our parents but always take them for granted and never share our feelings for them. We realize this void after they leave us for ever. The same thing happened with me. I wanted to tell him before he leave us that how much I love him. I wanted to share so many things with him which I never did.

I want to meet him one last time, if it is possible and tell him we miss him a lot

Sometimes, I just can’t believed that you are gone…







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