7 things you need to take care after every Gym workout.

I am an avid believer of a regular exercise routine. Be it yoga, a regular 3-km walk or going to the gym for cardio/strength training. We all are aware of the benefits of maintain an exercise routine. It helps maintaining your body, keep the energy level up, maintain weight which eventually helps in avoiding heart problems. As grow old, Over the years, following a particular routine for me is not possible as after every few months it becomes boring and I need to shift it from one to another.

Walking is always the easiest one especially if you have a walking buddy and so I always prefer it after a break. Yoga is more satisfying but can’t continue it in extreme weather as it is preferable to do it outside. The gym workout session can be continued in any weather. The combination of cardio and weight training session is always effective. But one thing that needs attention is pre and post workout care. Most of us are aware of the points need to take care before a workout but what about after the workout.

Do I have to take care of any thing after the workout to the injuries and to get the maximum result? Yes! The cooling down and stretching is as important as running on the treadmill or working on six-packs. Let us see what are the things that need to take care post-workout to make it more effective and less injurious.





#Cool-down exercise

Cooling down your body is as important as warming up or the exercise itself. After a run, you can slow down the speed and lower down your stride. You need to do it for 2-4 minutes. If you are doing strength training, you need to cool down those tired muscles.Why cooling is necessary after a gym session? When you do warm-up or exercise, it increases the heart beats or blood pressure. It is very important to lower down the increased heart beats and bring it back to the normal .



cooling down



# Stretching

Stretching is an extension of cool-down activity but it is important to stretch your body parts from top to toe. This will regulate the blood flow and also relax the tired muscles. If you are doing weight training, do some stretches. You can also do some yogasanas to stretch the whole body. Many times we ignore this activity especially if we are having a shortage of time. But, never underestimate the value of stretching.




water water water

Hydrate yourself

#Drink Water

It is not a secret anymore that water is important for the proper functioning of our body. It becomes more important if you are sweating out a lot. When you do a gym session, it is not only that hour when you loose water but you sweat more for a while after the session as the muscles are still working.It is very important to drink an adequate amount of water after a gym session to replace all the lost fluids in form of sweating. it is recommended to drink 15 to 20 ounces of water after a gym session. Moreover, you need to sip water after every 15 minutes if it is hot or you are sweating buckets.



massage for body

A relaxing massage post gym

#Get a massage or use a foam roller

Massaging is a good option to relax the tired muscles and get gym ready for the next day. You can opt for massager at home, can do it yourself or pamper yourself at a nearby spa. Nowadays, foam rollers are getting a lot of popularity as it is easy to use and very effective. It can be used by yourself and gives the same kind of relaxation as a massage would do.



#Take a cool shower and change

After a workout, you need to remove all the sweat and dirt. A warm bath would also calm the overtired muscles. It is good to take a warm shower and change the clothes after a gym workout. It would also refresh you and uplift your mood. If you have time, pamper yourself with a luxurious bath by using a tub full of water , rosepetals, lavender essential oil and music.




Healthy diet healthy body

Feed your body a healthy diet

# Nourish your body with a healthy snack

The days when you are undergoing a strenuous gym-regime , it is very important to feed your body with right kind of diet as it looses the essential elements while sweating. We usually don’t see it, but when we start doing cardio and strength training, our body needs extra protein and vitamins.  Try to keep a protein meal ready like pulses or soya milkshake so that you can have it as soon as possible.It is better to get these diet in the natural ways.


#D0 some active recovery

Also, it is recommended to give your body the required relaxation. Skip a day in the gym if your muscles are paining due to heavy weight lifting.







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