5 most common things which we take for granted.

It was a usual day like any other day. I got up early in the morning. It was a beautiful morning with the birds chirping, fresh soft breeze and very cosy sunlight. But,  thinking that I don’t have time  for all these , I got busy in my routine. I started preparing lunchboxes for the kids and husband.  The kids woke up at their usual time , left for the school. After some time , husband also left and the maids came to do their tasks. I had also finished my tasks and started my writings. “Who has time to do anything except  the usual tasks“. It is a daily routine for me and I’m sure that most of us follow the same routine.

After a couple of hours, I started feeling headache , initially I ignored it but then it got worse. I switched off everything. My body system was on a strike and refused to work anymore. I decided to take it easy and took rest for rest of the day. The next two days were also very lazy as my husband asked me to take it easy and relax. One thing which he mentioned and really got my attention was “You’re taking your health for granted”.

“Am I , really, taking my health for granted?”  I though a lot about it and came up with this answer from inside ‘Yes, I’m’. But, then I dwell a little more on this to find out Is it only the health which we take for granted in our life or Are there anything else ?

There are 5 most common thing in our lives which we take for granted but we shouldn’t. These are:



Health is wealth

To maintain a Good health is our duty.


1.) You are blessed with a healthy body :

Often, in our busy schedule, we loose track of our health. Even, if the body keeps giving us signals and warnings, we don’t slow down. An occasional headache, cough or cold is usually get treated with any available medicine. We keep on pushing our body’s limits by feeding it unhealthy food, wrong meal schedules and very less exercise. The more damage we do to our health, the more difficult it becomes to get back to the shape. So wake up, appreciate your good health , don’t take it for granted, try to maintain it and never trade it with anything else. You can NOT settle on anything less than a good health. Pamper it with lots of healthy food, good exercise and a positive attitude. Pay attention to the signals it keeps on giving you.

To keep the body in a good health is your duty

by Buddha



Life is boring without the loved ones.

Love and care for your loved ones.

2.)Are your loved ones on top of your priority list? :

 If you ask this question to anyone on this earth, the reply will come immediately and that too ‘YES’. But, think twice before answering it. Aren’t everyone of us take our loved ones for granted . We want to finish or say achieve everything else in our life assuming that our dearies are always with us and will stay with us. That’s true to some extent. But, every relationship demands care and we need to show it, practically, to nurture it.

It doesn’t mean that you have to stay with them the whole day. Everyone’s life is busy with a different routine but still you need to take out little time and do gestures to show your love. You never know what’s hiding in anyone’s destiny. Before it’s to late you need to Kiss them, hug them tight, show you care about them every single day.





Love what you do.

Be passionate about what you do.

3.)Are you still passionate about your Job?:

Once you’re a out from the college as a graduate ,you work really hard to land a good job. Also many of us try hard to achieve certain level of success in life. But, what after that? Once we get settled in our life, we have a good family and friends, we slow down our passion towards  our work and job.

It is very important to be passionate about your work, whatever you are doing, as it exists within us not in the job. One should never take his/her job for granted . If you feel that you are not liking what you are doing at your workplace,get a good hold of yourself and wake up before it is too late. There could be quite a few distraction in your work life , you need to find them out and shut them out to save the job life.

Re-approach your job as if today is your first day or assume that you have some performance issue and you have to prove yourself once again.

Keep in mind, Work is the God.




Time is valuable

spend your time wisely

4.) So, you feel you don’t have Time for anything!  :

Now-a-days, most of us feel that we don’t have time for anything. We want to do so many things that even twenty four hours in a day are too less. But, as you know there are 3600 seconds in 1 hour and anything can happen in even 1 second. You know the problem with us, whatever we do , we don’t enjoy it while doing it. We just want to finish the task and reach the goal but the beauty is in the journey not in the goal. On a rainy day, while going to the office, have you every noticed the clouds or the rains. How beautiful they are !

Enjoy every moment of your life whatever you’re doing at present. Don’t take life for granted. You never know what will happen next so don’t leave anything for tomorrow. Still, we forget that life is short. days just pass by without our noticing them.

So, wake up, stop taking time for granted. Appreciate every moment of it.

 Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.




Nothing is more important than Freedom.

choice of freedom

5.) Freedom. Yes, we take it for granted :

Everyone wants freedom to take their own decisionsEven a small child wants his/her freedom. But, a very few appreciate it and don’t take it for granted.

You need freedom for every small and large things in your life. You want to have food , clothes, job, lifepartner and many more things of your choice . We think that it is by default will be given to us. You want freedom even to speak out your mind. But, do we really appreciate our freedom.

Have you heard or read about Nazi camps and the prisoners he used to kept there .Thousands of prisoners died from exhaustion, starvation, and exposure. For them freedom meant to breath fresh air. Start appreciating your freedom and do not take it for granted.

Among the many good thing in life, I appreciate the freedom the most.




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